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He so chill to talk to and a ducking beast on the mic. If I'm not mistaken, he used to be signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment. Which was cofounded by Slug, Ant and a couple others.

Mac Lethal FAST RAP - 400 Words in 1 Minute Lyrics

Their is not an artist on that label that isn't absolutely fire. Rhymesayers is the most consistently amazing label out there. It's gotten to the point where if they sign someone new I buy the album before I hear a single track, and if anybody signed drops an album it's straight into my favorites folder because they've never once disappointed.

Grieves needs to put out a new album though, please. I desperately need more of him. Started at s, but completely switched during Yeezus. Went from heavily sampled soul loops to some odd combination of noise and industrial electronic. Yeezus kinda solidified that in my mind even more. Say what you want about the album but he did some crazy shit that shouldn't have worked but did. I would personally say Yeezus is where that shift was fully realized. It was kind of a long process that all started with the death of his mother though.

I think s. I remember hating it when it came out.

Mac Lethal Lyrics – FAST RAP - Words in 1 Minute | Spin Lyrics

But I've since returned to it and legitimately enjoy it. He was ahead of himself at the time. Im prob wrong but his self hyping and being kind of a dick about it was what got him the most flak in the first place. This is the truth, I've never understood people using that as an actual reason to shit on him. Damn, that's a young watsky, being a big Watsky fan, i somehow have never seen that one, though I've seen the one where instead of a cat, it's a goat. It makes me so happy to know that Watsky isn't just the "Pale Kid Raps Fast" guy to a lot of people anymore.

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Hoffstetter is a good comic but all he puts out are videos of "amazing heckler takedows you gotta see this " videos and as obviously talented as they both are people do see through that overhanded marketing bs. He's just a misunderstood sarcastic dick, but he means well: Waiting for the requisite posting of his "I'm making pancakes" video. There's a lot of talent in my hometown kc. He did a rap about someone's relationship, and then a guy on Reddit showed that it was his photo used in the video and he didn't know what was going on and that nothing was true. I think he's talented, though I listened to him back whith men are from mars a little.

Haven't followed his youtube shenanigans that close. This is where I started to not like him so much. He "had a cousin" who was a moron that would "text" him stupid things.

I think it started out as a tumbler blog and then they were shared memes. He rode that all the way into a book deal which for some reason people bought.

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Then someone interviewed his dad and his dad spilled the beans that it was based on a friend, not a cousin, and that Mac writes them all. I got a feeling it's all love with tech.

They're both missouri guys and have a song together. Yeah it is. They've both called out being super supportive and respectful of each other and wanting to get on a song with one another. Tech9 was featured on Mac's newest album in the dog Angel of Death which is a sick fucking song.

Both of them have awesome verses. I would encourage anyone interested to give it a listen, Mac Lethal is my favorite rapper. Kendrick has so many different flows it's kinda hard to pin him in one distinct 'style', but you still recognise it when you hear it. Someone taking a stab at it: All these other fuckin rappers get to like, bust out in Jamaican accents out of nowhere.

Also check out some early Common e. Resurrection for a somewhat similar sound but with more "conscious" and less gritty lyrics. Old Kanye: The College Dropout and Late Registration, obviously. NYC jazz rap: A Tribe Called Quest is the correct answer, but also check out Pete Rock and The Roots they're from Philly and their beats aren't as jazzy but they're a good suggestion nonetheless. Mac Lethal artist pic. After getting his start as a battle rapper at the prestigious, world renowned freestyle battle festival Scribble Jam, he shattered the stigma that battle rappers cannot write quality songs and began to self-release his own quirky music.

Quickly he began to catch the attention of artists like Sage Francis, P. S, and Atmosphere, who he subsequently toured with. He also released Read more on Last. Hip-Hop, underground hip-hop, rhymesayers, rap, seen live. Please downvote if incorrect! Self-deletes if score is 0. Ahhh that's why he was so good at Midwest choppers. He's from KC! I'd love to see him on a track with Tech. He's done at least one track with Tech9. It's pretty good for Mac Lethal's standards, not so much Tech's though. Oh really?

I didn't think Tech had standards I thought he just vomited 40 tracks on an album and kept everything instead of honing it down to actually good content. I'm from KC, and I get shit on whenever I say anything like this to anyone in a 75 mile radius. We've heard the same shit from Tech for the past 15 years. I don't know anyone who actually loves the music, they just don't have the balls to tell somebody to turn him off when he's playing. He's already done one with tech https: My favorite of his: White Kid Raps Fast!

Only the first half is a cover. The rest is original lyrics. The instrumental is busta rhymes's "break your kneck.

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This was my introduction to him: This was my intro to him: He's from my area, the Kansas City metro, I once saw him a a club in a spot he was was an absolute nobody back then. He obliterated everyone! Me and a buddy of mine were floored! I've been following his career every since. He also has another site called Texts From Bennett where he posts texts from "his 17 year old ghetto cousin".

I found his stuff a when he did the rap about pancakes. Well it's hard to put on the accent if you don't know it well enough. He's self-aware about it so it's fine by me. I was ready to write this video off as dumpster juice, but 1. I feel as if he respects hip-hop as a whole. I feel it was communicated in every part of the video, and that's why it was entertaining to watch- because the jokes were respectful.

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I love the way Slug weaves a story that just sucks you in and makes you feel like you're living it Edit: Apologies if shitty formatting, on mobile Edit: Retrieved July 7, High Plains Reader. Archived from the original on The Wake Student Magazine. March 31, Archived from the original on November 2, December 5, Archived from the original on December 8, Retrieved December 6, The Washington Post. Irish Goodbye:: Black Clover Records". Retrieved June 30, The Huffington Post.

December 2, Vox Talk. Retrieved November 5, Authority control LCCN: