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Subscript and superscript are also supported in the Microsoft Office suite for Mac too. Speaking of Office, if you are aiming to type the baseline shifted text in Pages and then save the file as a Word.

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For those situations, it may be best to save the file as a PDF and send that across platforms instead. A much preferable way to quickly type subscript and superscript on the Mac is with two specific keyboard shortcuts in Pages app. Hitting the key sequence again will move the next typed text to regular baseline. Note these keystrokes are limited to Pages by default, and they are not immediately available in TextEdit.

Re: Is it possible to use superscirpt and subscript in legends of graph

A quick sidenote, using superscript is not necessary to type the temperature symbol on the Mac, you can use a specific keystroke to type the degree symbol instead. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. This is incorrect. And this is why I cannot use Pages as a chemistry teacher.

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Too many steps to use something I frequently use. Imagine typing a chem test with 30 or more formulas! Hope Apple will fix this someday! Subscripts and Superscripts are non-existent in the Pages for iOS.

How to Type An Exponent On A Mac

And it HAS to be done in this sequence, continue to hold each button down as you go: To get out of superscript mode, follow the same sequence again. Follow the sequence again to go back to your regular font size. Hope this helps! And thanks to everyone else who answered! Skip to main content.

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Select the cell or the text you want to convert. Warning Information in this article applies to Excel , , and It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products. References 2 Free Training Tutorial: Accessed 18 February Sembera, Alan. How to Enter a Subscript in Excel.

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If you are an Office subscriber or you have Office , you can add shortcuts to the superscript and subscript commands to your Quick Access Toolbar. This keeps them at your fingertips to use any time.

How do I type superscripts and subscripts using keyboard shortcuts?

Learn more about customizing the Quick Access Toolbar. When you want to present a formula or an equation for numeric values:. Also check out formatting options for equations and formulas with the equation tools. Expand your Office skills.